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President Gene Paplanus Vice President Steve Paplanus

Mountain View Business Group, LP is a Limited Partnership registered and headquartered in California, since 2008. We work with diversified companies that serve the Construction, Electrical, Distribution, Petroleum, Industrial User, Academic, Government and Business Internet markets. MVBG has partnered with senior executives from every profession, background, and industry imaginable. Many have started up, run, and eventually sold their own businesses; others have run some of the best known businesses in the world. We do this to insure our clients get the best solutions.

Managing Partner and President, Gene Paplanus heads our team of consultants that specialize in small to mid-sized businesses but have the ability to bring value to any organization. They assist small businesses in increasing profits, building sales, organizing operations, developing market-specific products and positively impacting market share. He also leads our team of executive coaches who mainly work with larger company personnel development programs but also work with business owners of every size enterprise. Mountain View Business Group coaching staff specializes in helping people learn to lead. We work with individuals from all levels of an organization. We help people transform from employee to leader; from mentee to mentor.

Steve Paplanus, Partner and Vice President – Software and System Solutions, leads our team of software engineers that don’t just provide custom software; they provide solutions. Mountain View Business Group developers are different: They are reliable, flexible and bring technical expertise to your organization. We offer a cost-effective, software development, solution-orientated product and deliver within the set time frames of the specified project. Using proven multiple technologies, our software developers ensure that clients receive quality products with interfaces that are easy to use and sustain. As an established software developer, we are highly experienced in all aspects of software design and development. Our company has an experienced team of quality software developers, who focus on state-of-the art development, design and business software solutions.

Mountain View Business Group can give you access to an entire team of experienced business and software experts - for less than the cost of the most junior person in your organization.

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