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Intelligent Planning

We are a leader in building, supporting, and extending decision support systems, including our EMDS Online and Desktop solutions.


Protecting Valuable Information

Manage your security risk via our penetration testing, code review, compliance and system design and review services.


Empowering Organizations

We are in the forefront of empowering organizations with solutions to leverage their knowledge and experience with leading edge technology via GIS, knowledge management, data science, and ML tools.

Our Expertise

Solution For Your Challenges

Decision Support and EMDS

Empower your organization to make strategic and tactical planning, leveraging decision support systems such as EMDS.


Protect your organization against both internal and external cyber threats through code review, penetration testing, and training.

Business Consulting and Training

Assist your organization to enhance productivity, reduce costs and expenses, and increase profitability.

GIS Consulting

Building custom GIS solutions for organizations, including governments and universities.

Knowledge Management Solutions

Empowering organizations to leverage their internal and external knowledge via custom Open Knowledge Management systems.

IT & Operations

Our system engineers have several decades of experiences with building, maintaining, troubleshooting and optimizing systems for organizations ranging from small businesses, to multinational CRM systems.