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Our spatially enabled landscape and ecological modeling tool has finally been ported to QGIS.

Modeling and Analysis

Logic-based processing for environmental assessments from models built utilizing NetWeaver. Analysis and additional modeling leverage workflows that leverage ArcGIS's geoprocessing and python handling capabilities along with our partners' engines.

Consulting and Training

Mountain View Business Groups and partners provide consulting services to customize EMDS based solutions or extend EMDS itself along with its partners' engines. Training on using EMDS and the engines are provided with tutorials on our YouTube channel and additional training can be provided as needed.

Scripting, Workflows and Provenance

EMDS can be extended by using python, R, and C# scripts and workflows. All processing, including scripts, are fully tracked in our Provenance engine, which allows for complete viewing of all work done inside an EMDS project.

Tactical and Strategic Planning

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for strategic planning by models built with Criterium Decision Plus, decision tress for tactical planning utilizing Prolog-based models from VisiRule, and Bayesian networks for tactical planning from models using the GeNIe engine.