Geospatial Services

Decision Support

As lead of the EMDS Consortium, we build and continue to extend EMDS to support landscape and ecological decision support. Through the EMDS framework, we support researchers and analysts in creating diverse models coupled together in custom workflows to support informed decisions. EMDS is open for all users and can be downloaded here

GIS Database Design

Mountain View Business Group provides consulting services to work with clients to design and build both spatial and non-spatial databases. This includes idenitfying primary data sources and recommending secondary spatial sources, as well as assisting with identifying and evaluating how to improve the database and its quality over time.

Cartography and Visualization

We provide tools from within EMDS and other custom software to assist with the analysis of data. From this infromation, our consultants provides support in the production of traditional paper maps, web and desktop maps, and other visualization methods.

Additional Geospatial Services

  • Wildfire Modeling
  • Risk Modeling
  • Workflow Automation
  • GeoDesign
  • Mobile Data Collection
  • Online Mapping