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Mountain View Business Group developers are different: They are reliable, flexible and bring technical expertise to your organization. We offer a cost-effective, software development, solution-orientated product and deliver within the set time frames of the specified project. Using proven multiple technologies, our software developers ensure that clients receive quality products with interfaces that are easy to use and sustain. As an established software developer, we are highly experienced in all aspects of software design and development. Our company has an experienced team of quality software developers, who focus on state-of-the art development, design and business software solutions.
Mountain View Business Group is the steward and lead developer of EMDS for the USDA Forest Service. EMDS is a unique solution which implements a framework to support the functions of a spatial decision support system (SDSS). SDSS help decision-makers rationally evaluate strategies or solutions for spatial or geographic problems. These are often complex problems with large datasets, a high degree of uncertainty, and multiple stakeholders with conflicting interests and viewpoints. SDSS use mathematical and logical models to evaluate objective technical or scientific data according to subjective value judgments. SDSS are often used to evaluate, compare, and prioritize scenarios or alternatives.

EMDS is designed to support natural resource and ecosystem management.  Classic EMDS workflows uses fuzzy logic to make objective, scientific assessments of the ecosysten and then uses MCDA to subjectively prioritize management scenarios for decision makers.

Our company also offers a wide variety of network design, implementation, and troubleshooting services. We are familiar with designing networks from a single small business, upto a nationwide network connecting dozens of locations. We specialize in Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2008R2/2012/2012R2 based systems and utilize System Center 2012 and Spiceworks to enable effective management of the systems and network. We also have experience with implementing Linux, specifically RedHat, SuSe, and CentOS. As far as security, we implement both Cisco and SonicWall solutions. Our company is experienced with Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint implementations. We also are proficient in troubleshooting these technologies and also can provide training and support for these solutions.