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Vice President Steve Paplanus
Vice President Paplanus

With 20 years of experience, Steve Paplanus has an extensive background in creating, implementing and managing complex projects. These include infrastructure projects, database design, enterprise application/multi-tiered application, and applications for mobile based systems. He is an expert with managing diverse teams and customers, from single locations to multi-national teams. He is also familiar with common application design techniques such as OOP and SCRUM.

Steve Paplanus architected and implemented our private cloud implementation and overall systems architecture based upon Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2/Hyper-V and System Center 2012 R2 to enable us to better support students and researchers, while gaining a greater control over the computing environment. I have planned out the migration and performed the actual change over from our SharePoint 2010 and Exchange 2013 on-prem environment to a hybrid environment with Office 365 for Education.

Mr. Paplanus has worked on a wide variety of development projects, from mobile, web, desktop and service based solutions. His solutions are currently being utilized by such diverse institutions such as the Army Corps of Engineers, USDA Forest Service, Kyoto University, Franz Consulting, and the University of Hawaii to solve a wide range of problems from database management, decision support, to knowledge mining and management. He has also designed and constructed networks, including security and disaster prevention, for the University of Hawaii, Consolidated Electrical Distributors, University of Redlands, and Dynamic Collision Centers.

Recent Projects

Mr. Paplanus was responsible for development of strategies and systems architecture for access to Redlands Institute systems and their partners systems. He works across multiple projects in a leveraged capacity at all stages of the system lifecycle (inception, design, development and deployment). He functions as the overseeing technical authority on system and software integration and provides leadership to technical architects, developers, and consultants on a project team. He worked on several projects that encompass a wide variety of technologies including Sharepoint, Documentum, FileNet, Topbraid Composer, ESRI ArcGIS toolsets, Protoge', FAST searching, SQL Server, Oracle, Netweaver, and Criteria Decision Plus to solve knowledge management issues and be able to reorganize unstructured data for intelligent modeling and decision making processes.

For the Army Corp of Engineers, he has built two systems for their use. The first is an application that determines the optimal schedule for repairs for Dams and Dikes, as well as their gates, based upon a wide range of factors. These include budget, repair costs, importance of waterway, number of gates for functionality, and last repair date along with other factors to determine the number of years and order of repair work. The second application is a prototype to allow the Army Corp of Engineers to perform watershed based budgeting and analysis. Building upon the experience of another decision support project for the USDA Forest Service, EMDS became the blueprint for this prototype. This web based prototype enables for quick viewing and tweaking of budgeting activities across the nation. This tool allows for quick alteration of the underlying model and allows for viewing the changes via reports and graphs.

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